Monday, October 13, 2014

Session 11: 10/8/14

Party: Brother Burkey (C:5), Durbin (F:1, hireling), Jezebel(the mule), Braggle (H:3), Xero (T:5)


With Theonod (NM:0, tanner) left in town to begin selling the party's excess (mostly weapons and armor taken from fallen comrades) out of his tanning workshop, and word being spread about the party's new Adventurer's Guild to bring in some new blood hireling wise, the group set off for Trelleborg.

After sweeping the first and 2nd levels beneath the tower, they used their rope of climbing to descend the elevator shaft to the 3rd level, rather than take the stairs. 

Braggle and Xero climbed down, one after the other. Almost as soon as they reached the bottom (the elevator platform itself) arrows launched out of the darkness. There was some confusion as they didn't know where the shots were coming from and indeed, they assumed it was from an area beyond the portcullis to their front. 

Durbin, not knowing what was going on below, climbed down, only to be pretty badly shot up. 

Although Xero and Braggle found the arrow slits and attempted to use Molotov cocktails to attack whoever was on the other side, things weren't going well for the party. They beat a hasty retreat up after realizing the lever in the middle of the floor was the elevator control. 

Brother Burkey cast some healing spells and the party rethought their approach and took the stairs. 

The first thing of note on the third level, now that they weren't under attack, was that the walls were white washed.

Making their way through the dungeon, heading left as always, they stopped and listened at doors, and then used wooden wedges to, if not fully stop the doors, at least give them a heads up that something had entered or left the room.

At one such door, while the rammed the wooden wedges into the space between frame or floor and door, the door opened suddenly.
Before them, in safron and white robes, stood a 5' 6" bipedal brown rat with grey whiskers. He was not at all surprised to see humans before him, and after a brief exchange, Daishi escorted the party to meet the shogun of the Nezumi, her Ladyship Toyoshi and her advisers.
Toyoshi, more suspicious than the monk, was unconvinced of the party's good intentions, but she was impressed with how they had slaughtered her goblin ashigaru, and agreed to allow the party to prove themselves to be friendly by conducting a raid on their enemies, the white apes. The party, sensing an opportunity to gain a potential ally in the dungeon (especially helpful as they plan to rehab Trelleborg and make it their base), happily agreed, but needed to return to town for some final preparation.

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