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This page is to act a simple bulletin board system for the campaign.

Players: You can post "in town" actions, request information on costs, status of wounds and such, etc.


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  1. Rehabing the tower above the dungeon

    Here's the general outline of how this will proceed.

    1. The party will need to advertise for an engineer. Since there are no engineers in Gorgoroth (remember, it's a backwater, despite the fact that merchants regularly come there for Haunted Keep brews and lumber, most of the action is in towns and villages south) they'll need to send their ads via road or river in the direction of Hedeby. It's possible some of the other towns do have engineers in residence, and it is certain that the Hedeby Guild of Engineers and Task Masters does. It can take up to 20 days before the first applicant arrives, so you might want to consider taking time off from the dungeon that we can hand waive if you want to speed this along in real life.

    2. After you've chosen an engineer, and they visit the site and you tell them what you want, they give you the price which must be paid up front. But you can guess that it will be at least 10,000 for any kind of serious renovation, far less just for a front door, far more for expanding the tower's height or for rebuilding other towers.