Friday, October 3, 2014

Session 10: 9/26/14

Polarion the Seer (M:3), Brother Burkey (C:4), Tailor (F:1), Braggle (H:3), Xero(T:4), Ogre(Charmed), Durbin (F:1, Hireling), Jezebel (the mule)

Having rested an healed for a few days, the party prepared to re-enter the depths of Trelleborg. 

Prior to doing so, Xero spent a little time and a little coin at the Mournful Phoenix, where he managed to hire, Theonod (Normal Human : 0), the somewhat down on his luck tanner, for his appraisal abilities. Basically, if the party kills something, Xero wants Theonod to tell them if he can make its hide into armor before they go through the trouble of hauling it out of the dungeon.

After a quick check of the tower and first level, the party made their way to the last crypt they explored.

Highlights  (possibly not in order):

Seeing one of the crypts filled with a fungal garden, the party assumed the worst, threw oil into it, ignited it and waited. To perhaps no one's surprise, a dwarf-sized creature completely aflame stumbled out of the room, and was easily brought down from a distance. The burned out room yielded a little treasure.

In another niche, the party encountered a ghostly apparition of a human looking for something. He wore the livery of Hedeby. He seemed to have some quest for them and the party left him for a minute to finish their mapping of the perimeter.

Listening to a door, they heard crunching and munching sounds, so using swat team tactics, Polarion ordered the ogre to open a door and then Brother Burkey hurled his Headlamp of Continual Light into the space beyond. Nothing was there, in fact it was further down the hall. It being a pack of ghouls who upon seeing the party tried to attack them. Brother Burkey turned three of the five. 

The two that remained did quite a number on the party including paralyzing the ogre and Brother Burkey, which allowed the other three to approach. Things looked bleak and hearts pounded as the battle raged and Theonod with Jezebel started the fall back. When the last ghoul was destroyed, the party retreated behind the safety of the door.

They returned to the ghost, found his remains beneath the floor and promised to return his body to town for a proper burial.

Two dwarven mummies proved a bit of a problem, but yielded a nice little treasure, including some potions.

This necessitated a return to town, as the mummy's disease had made magical healing impossible for Tailor, who was more or less unconscious and for the badly wounded ogre.

Brother Burke negotiated with Sister Ingrid for the cure (at a rate double she would charge others, given his 4 charisma)- pretending that the ogre was made to look that way by the very disease for which he needed the cure. Healed, they returned.

The party discovered a second way into and out of the dungeon.

A secret door led to a small passage through which Braggle and Xero crawled to find a room scribbled with an unknown language that told something of a history of the dungeon.References to "the thing below" stood out.

A chatty skull in another room annoyed the players enough to bag it up and leave him in there.

They found a tomb containing two lifelike iron statues, who of course turned out to be animated, but not until the mummy in the sarcophagus stood and attacked the party. Another nail biter of a battle, but the party came out victorious and treasure laden.

They returned to town in need of more disease curing so that the magical healing could be used, and set about converting their treasure to coin with the traveling merchants who stop in Gorgoroth.


  1. Seems like a lot happened.

    -- Jeff

    1. They managed quite a bit in the few hours we played. I think sensing they were close to the "end" of the level helped spur them forward. Not to mention finishing the last of the crypts which were more of a slog than i anticipated.