Monday, April 21, 2014

Session 3: 4/18/14

The Party:
Bealor E:1, Melkiades E: 1, Zrax F:1, Tika F:1, Honest the Bear E: 1, and later, a thief (can’t remember his name) and a magic-user who died in his first round of combat and who’s name escapes me, if I ever knew it.

The Summary:
Beginning the day with the traditional breakfast at the inn, Burzum (inn keeper) sought out Zrax and informed him that a survivor of the most recent caravan attack was being cared for a the Shrine of the Punishing Ox. 

After breakfast, the party tramped over there to do some questioning - and learned a bit about the attackers, who, one member suspected, might be a dragon based on the pattern of flame described as used in the attack. Their questioning limited by the state of the survivor, they pressed on into the dungeon.

Feeling their oats, the party strolled into the tower. Unbeknownst to them, over night the tower entrance had become inhabited by a flock of stirges, who, angered at being disturbed attacked. 

Although one managed a hit, it, more than half were quickly killed, sending the remainder flying off into the woods.

The rest of the path to the stairs down was clear and the party found the trap door wedged shut, as they had left it when they exited last session.

This time when the got near the bottom of the steps, an arrow shot clattered into the steps a few feet in front of them; they were under attack by black metal goblinoid archers. 

Bealor, in his first act, Zrax, he of the chaotic slack wearing, charged the goblinoids, threw himself through the air and crashed into their front line, instantly killing one and knocking down another. From there it was a bloodbath, as the party killed one goblinoid after the other. When one tried to escape, Tika tackled him.

Combine this with the corpse-paint pic from the 1st session
and this is close to what the goblinoids look like.

They grilled him for information - which he provided - and slit his throat. Rooting through the belongings of the leader, they found a key which they believe is likely for the portcullis blocking the corridor to the East.

They discovered the goblinoid dojo, most notable for its training dummies of white ape skins/heads on wooden frames, and training equipment for open hand arts, and a large symbol painted over dwarven propaganda frescoes

Thereafter, they made a systematic exploration of the level wherein:

  • they killed a black metal goblinoid band (not before the drummer killed Melkiades with his bass drum)
  • they killed a bugbear artist painting a disturbingly beautiful mural of a large black goat with 10 legs coming through a tear in the night sky
  • they killed a goblinoid study group wearing Hogwart’s style robes (one goblinoid even wore glasses) and took their book
  • they were attacked by a roving pack of carrion crawlers, who, before their own demise, ended the brief existence of Bealor.
  • Somewhere in there Malikiades replacement arrived, and was promptly killed by some goblinoids before they were killed.
  • The leader of that group, against all odds, was held for questions and allowed to go, under promise that he leave the dungeon.

Of the 7 characters that journeyed into the dungeon, 4 returned to Gorgoroth to rest up and ready for the next delve.