Common Knowledge About the Dungeon

Common Knowledge About the Dungeon Beneath Trelleborg

  • The ruins of Trelleborg, and the dungeon beneath it, have been mostly avoided for well over a century.
  • The dungeon was built long before humans settled in the area.
  • Humans unknowingly built Trelleborg over the dungeon a little over 150 years ago, as a fort on the borderlands.
  • The dungeon was discovered during the earliest stages of excavation of a  dungeon for the fort.
  • A fortune in gold and gems was discovered in the first level of the existing dungeon.
  • Adventurers were hired to explore further and their exploration revealed the existence of at least 5 levels.
  • After the adventurers failed to return from one of their missions into the underground complex, official exploration ceased.
  • The fort was overrun by foul creatures and only a handful of the garrison escaped alive.
  • There is a long outstanding and substantial reward for the recovery of the last garrison’s standard from the ruins and its return to Hedeby.
  • A handful of brave/desperate adventurers have attempted to assault the dungeon over the intervening years in search of riches, but few have ever survived.
  • Those lucky few that did make it out came back with sacks of gold and jewels, but also madness and nightmares from which they could not escape, save by taking their own lives.

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