Thursday, March 6, 2014

Session 1: 2/28/14

The party consisted of a halfling, elf, magic-user, cleric and fighter.

The magic-user attempted to recruit some street urchins for the role of torch bearer or porter, but the offer he made was abysmal (his below average charisma didn't help) and the result was that the urchin spread the message to avoid working for this guy. 

This would prove to be unnecessary.

The party left Gorgoroth in the pre-dawn hours to make the half-day journey to Trelleborg. 

Upon arriving and doing a brief reconaissance of the only standing structure remaining, the party entered the old tower - and the magic-user promptly fell into a covered pit trap and died. (Malieger T. Borias, we hardly knew ye) The party learned a valuable lesson in caution. And then looted his body by lowering the halfling into the pit several times, leaving the body for the rats.

He was replaced by a promising fighter.

They explored much of the tower and found a trap door down into the dungeon, but opted to postpone a descent, until they had secured the tower. This lead to a brief encounter with some goblinoids, who looked a lot like this:
The aforementioned promising fighter was run through with a yari and died before the elf had a chance to cast Sleep and take out the entire group of goblin-y creatures.

A debate ensued as to whether or not to burn them all alive while they slept wake them all and then burn one while forcing the others to watch, and other such tactical considerations. In the end, they decided to go Reservoir Dogs, sort of, and cut the ear off one of the underlings, to try and get the leader to talk, but really, he couldn't have cared less and he just laughed.

Still, he had been shamed by the encounter, and so, requested permission to die honorably by his own hand (sepuku). The party agreed, in exchange for information, and then, the information obtained, promptly left the ruins, leaving the goblinoid leader (and underlings) bound and alive, to face his shame, and whatever should come along and find them.

On the return trip, the party spotted a procession of creatures in hooded black robes headed toward the ruins. They smartly avoided any contact and made it back to the village later in the evening.

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