Monday, March 10, 2014

A More Prosaic View of Gorgoroth


Located on the large island of Nattefrost, Gorgoroth is one of several semi-autonomous border towns in federation with the city-state of Hedeby. In exchange for tax revenue, the government of Hedeby offers nominal protection of the citizenry of the villages and towns, and long term jailing for its criminals, on an as needed basis.

Gorgoroth’s government consists of a town council of elected representatives of local trade unions. Order is kept by a town watch, headed by an appointed sheriff and deputy.

The most well-known export of Gorgoroth is The Haunted Keep’s brews, but its lumber, harvested from the Carpathian Forest  is of superior quality to anything to the south and is the primary employer of the citizenry. Demand keeps the wood moving downstream on a steady basis until the cold and cruel Nattefrost winter sets in, but the growth of its logging industry has been held in check by Hedeby contracts for lumber with other city-states (diplomatic maneuvering, you know).

Situated on Morgan’s Creek, tributary of the Tanaelva River, itself a tributary of the Volvo, Gorgoroth is 10 days north of Hedeby by land. Downriver passage on a logging barge to Hedeby can be arranged, but travel north is generally by land, as this is far less expensive than hiring enough rowers to fight the currents.

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